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Course Description

100-Hour 5-Weekend Chiropractic-Acupuncture Course: Palm Beach, Florida

Doctors and chiropractic students who complete this program are well prepared to safely provide acupuncture and related techniques to effectively address most musculoskeletal and neurological complaints, as well as many internal disorders commonly seen in chiropractic practice. This is a comprehensive, sequenced, and succinct program, wherein clinical theories and techniques are followed by musculoskeletal disorders and metabolic disorders ranging from digestive to women’s health concerns. Learning methods include lecture, slide presentation, video demonstration and when possible, supervised hands-on instruction & technique practice.

Clinical training includes clean & safe needle handling & techniques, point location, and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic frameworks. This program also includes contemporary neurological and physiological perspectives on acupuncture’s mechanisms of action, contemporary treatment styles, the release of trigger points and myofascial stress patterns, and best practices for integration into a chiropractic practice, as well as practical instruction in moxibustion, cupping, gua-sha, cold laser and electro-acupuncture.

Completion of this course qualifies chiropractors and chiropractic students to sit for the NBCE acupuncture specialty exam, and to apply to state licensing boards for chiropractic-acupuncture certification in Florida, and about 20 other states.

Hybrid Format

Live-Webinar Instruction & Live Clinical Training

The First, Third, and Fourth Modules are presented as 20-Hour Non-Synchronous Online-Webinars, which can be taken at the learner’s own pace, within a specified timeframe. The Second & Fifth Modules are offered only as Live-In-Classroom Weekends, Saturday & Sunday 8AM – 6PM.


The course is separated into 5 modules

  1. Format: Module #1 Non-Synchronous Online-Webinar
  2. Module #2 Format: Live-In-Classroom
    Date & Location TBA
  3. Module #3 Non-Synchronous Online-Webinar
  4. Module #4 Non-Synchronous Online-Webinar
  5. Module #5 Format: Live-In-Classroom
    Date & Location TBA


Live Instruction Component Will Be Held in Palm Beach, Florida | Venue TBA


Full 100-Hour Program: $1,500. / Individual 20-hour Weekend: $350.

The tuition for all 5 weekend seminars, is $1,500.
Tuition for each individual weekend is $350.
Tuition is all inclusive. i.e. supplies for hands-on classroom sessions & University of Bridgeport CE fees
Students who are paying with student loans should get in touch. We can arrange for you to receive the prepayment discount, even if we need to wait a bit for your disbursements.

Registration is Open

100-Hour 5-Weekend Chiropractic-Acupuncture Course: Palm Beach, Florida

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