Trigger Point Acupuncture: An Acupuncture Informed Approach to Dry Needling
Trigger Point Acupuncture is a 3-day / 18-hour hands-on practical intensive training in using acupuncture needles to treat painful musculoskeletal & neurological conditions, safely and effectively. (Programs with additional hours are available as per state requirements.*)

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Whether you’ve been practicing acupuncture or trigger point dry needling for years, or have no background in either one, you’ll learn to safely implement some of the most powerful needling treatments and techniques for pain. You’ll see immediate, dramatic results in the classroom and in your practice.

Dry Needling has been used by acupuncture practitioners for centuries. Recently, for mainly political reasons, it has been segregated from it’s acupuncture roots. This is unfortunate, because there are so many simple, safe, and effective points and techniques that can be easily incorporated into dry needling, greatly enhancing it’s effectiveness.

By taking advantage of the many well-established acupuncture points that are identical to myofascial, cutaneous, ligamentous, diffuse, and empirical trigger points, this course will maximize your effectiveness, while remaining within the boundaries and scope of dry needling,

We’ve taught needling techniques to thousands of healthcare providers, from seasoned chiropractors to emergency room physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed acupuncturists, to even many 1st-year students just beginning their healthcare studies. We know what you need to know and we know how to teach it.

Already Practice Acupuncture?  If you’ve already studied acupuncture, this class will hone your ability to quickly diagnose painful conditions and come up with highly effective treatment plans. You will leave the weekend knowing some of the most effective and powerful acupuncture techniques we’ve seen.


Already Practice Dry Needling?  Trigger Point Acupuncture weekends are filled with powerful techniques to improve the results of your dry needling. We show you how to incorporate some of the best acupuncture points and techniques into your dry needle treatments, while staying within your scope.


No Prior Training?   No worries. We take you from A to Z. We begin with “This is a needle.” and finish up with you knowing how to treat a wide range of painful conditions.  We recommend you consider one of our online or classroom programs, to complement your Trigger Point Acupuncture training.


Questions? Please contact us. We’d be glad to to discuss your particular situation, and answer your questions.

Chiropractic Continuing Education:  Trigger Point Acupuncture is a PACE-Approved course, and is currently accepted for Chiropractic licensure renewal in:  Alaska, DC, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming.

Physical Therapists Continuing Education: Credits are provided by OnlineContinuingEd, LLC, and are currently accepted in: Texas, Virginia and many other jurisdictions.

CMEs: While we’d like to offer them, we do not currently offer CMEs for our programs.  Sorry.  Still, you’ll find our programs packed with clinically useful techniques, that are most likely already within your scope.

Tuition for this 3-day / 18-hour weekend intensive is $850.   All supplies are included.

* Custom Trigger Point Acupuncture Courses Available From 18 to 60 hours:  Due to the wide variety of regulations regarding acupuncture and dry needling from state-to-state and country-to-country, we design custom Trigger Point Acupuncture Courses ranging from 18 to 60 hours, in order  to meet specific requirements for various jurisdictions.   Contact us for more information on programs for your area.