The Ventresca Method Hands-On Practical Intensive Training in Trigger Point Needling

The Ventresca Method is a myofascial-based treatment approach that combines needling techniques, with diagnostic and treatment protocols to speed the diagnosis and treatment of many common musculoskeletal, myofascial, and neurological disorders. You’ll learn to safely implement some of the most powerful needling treatments and techniques for the treatment of pain, and will see immediate, dramatic results in the classroom and in your practice. We focus on myofascial stress and strain, which manifests in predictable patterns of trigger points. Using the myofascial stress patterns as guides, the body is divided into zones: posterior, anterior, lateral, medial, head, neck, and belt. Disorders within each zone can be treated with specific treatment protocols that may include: local, distal, proximal, and adjacent points; needling techniques; electrical stimulation; far-infrared heat; and instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation. The joining of myofascial patterns and treatment protocols creates a hybrid diagnostic/treatment approach that is highly effective and easily integrated into almost any practice. In addition to the clinical material, this 2-Day/12-Hour Course incorporates safe and clean needle handling practices and legal and practical information on incorporating needling therapies into an existing practice.

Already Practice Acupuncture? If you’ve studied acupuncture, this class will hone your ability to quickly diagnose painful conditions and come up with highly effective treatment plans. You will leave the weekend knowing some of the most effective and powerful treatment techniques we’ve seen.

Already Practice Dry Needling? Ventresca Method weekends are filled with powerful techniques to improve the results of your dry needling. We show you how to incorporate some of the most effective point protocols and techniques into your dry needle treatments, staying within your legal scope of practice.


No Prior Training? No worries. We take you from A to Z. We begin with “This is a needle.” and finish up with you knowing how to treat a wide range of painful conditions. We recommend you consider one of our online or classroom programs, to complement your training.

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Continuing Education is available.

Custom Courses: Due to the wide variety of regulations regarding the use of acupuncture needles to treat pain from state-to-state and country-to-country, we design custom Ventresca Method Courses up to 48 hours, to meet specific learning requirements for various jurisdictions. Contact us for more information.

CMEs: While we’d like to offer them, we do not currently offer CMEs for our programs. Sorry. Still, you’ll find our programs packed with clinically useful techniques, that are most likely already within your scope.