AcuPractice Terms & Conditions:

AcuPractice Seminars, it’s principals, staff, and faculty offer the information on this site as educational material only. Nothing on this site is intended to replace any medical or legal advice.

It is the responsibility of each individual healthcare provider to be familiar with and to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing their scopes of practice.  AcuPractice Seminars offers education for all healthcare providers without making any claims on professional licensure.  All healthcare providers are permitted to learn any technique through continuing education.  Whether or not you can use these techniques in your practice is determined by your current licensing bodies.   While we strive  to keep our information current, the licensing information on this site is subject to change without notice or timely update.  We strongly recommend you be knowledgeable in your  licensing body’s current decisions and rulings. If you have specific questions about your scope of practice, please contact your licensing board.

There are no tuition refunds for courses, classes, and programs which have commenced. Prepaid tuition for classes, courses and programs, which have not yet commenced may be refunded either in part or in full, at the discretion of AcuPractice Seminars.

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