Why so many different courses and programs? We offer a variety of online, correspondence, and live-classroom courses and programs so you can pursue your acupuncture training no matter where you happen to practice. The US is a complicated place when it comes to acupuncture, dry needling, & healthcare license requirements. They vary wildly from states to state. Some states have no specific requirements at all, while others require 100, 200, 300 up to 2,500 hours or more.  In addition, some states require a specific number of clinical hours, while  others require some or all the training take place in a live-classroom setting.

What program is best for me? As mentioned above the individual state and license requirements vary, and we try to meet as many of them as is practicable.  If you practice in a state where we are offering a live program,  that’s probably the best program for you.  If we don’t offer a program in your state, or you wish to study via distance or online learning, be sure they fulfill your state or provence’s requirements, if that is important to you.  If you could use some assistance in figuring out which program–or combination of programs–would work best for your particular license, state, and situation, please drop us an email and we’ll do our best help.

Do AcuPractice Seminars’ programs qualify me to practice acupuncture in my state?   All our programs qualify as primary acupuncture training for chiropractic physicians in Florida, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Connecticut, and many of the other 30 states which allow DCs to practice acupuncture with 250 or less hours of training. Our Ventresca Method  Course qualifies as primary training in dry needling and as continuing education in many states as well.   Note:  While some states (like Florida) do not accept online or distance learning CCEs,  Florida and most of these other states Do Accept Online & Distance Learning Classes as Primary Training in Chiropractic Acupuncture. 

If you are a medical doctor or osteopathic physician you likely are already allowed to practice acupuncture, unless you are in one of the few states that do not have acupuncture within your scope.  Our programs provide you with the training you need to justify the addition of acupuncture to your practice.

If you are a physical therapist our programs provide you with the training you need to justify the addition of dry needling to your practice in Texas, Virginia and many other jurisdictions.

Please contact us, for information specific to your state.

Do AcuPractice Seminars qualify for professional Continuing Education Credits for my licensure renewal?
Chiropractic Physicians: 
  • Continuing Chiropractic Education credits for our correspondence,  online, and 100-hour live-classroom programs are offered through the University of Bridgeport Health Sciences Postgraduate Education Department.
  • Our  Trigger Point Acupuncture Intensives are PACE Approved.
  • Note, a few states that do not allow for acupuncture within the scope of a DC, do not allow acupuncture classes to count as CE for licensure renewal. We recommend you check with your state board to be sure.
Physical Therapists: Continuing Education Credits are provided by OnlineContinuingEd, LLC, and are approved in Texas, Virginia many other jurisdictions.
Medical Doctors & Osteopathic Physicians. While we’d love to offer CMEs for our courses and programs, we don’t currently offer them.  Sorry.
Nurses, Midwives, and Allied Providers: Let us know where you are, and what kind of license you hold,  we’ll do our best to figure it out for you.

Are there any additional fees or supplies needed?   Only if you are taking a 100-hour live-classroom program.  To fully participate in the hands-on trainings offered along with our 100-hour live classroom programs you’ll want an acupuncture supply kit, which will also serve as a starter kit in your practice.  For a complete explanation for your particular situation drop us a line and we’ll get you all the info you need.

If you have other questions, or need further assistance, please contact us. We’re happy to help.