Have Acupractice Design a Custom Program For You.

Online, Distance, Live-Classroom, & Intensives

There are a number of options for completing your acupuncture or dry needle training with Acupractice Seminars.  We currently offer combined programs of up to 250 hours of training, consisting of live classroom, online, and correspondence courses.  We also design special programs and offer onsite classes to suit specific groups and jurisdictions.

Let us know how we can be of service, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

We’ve designed all our live classroom, online, and correspondence classes to work together in a modular fashion to form comprehensive trainings in acupuncture and dry needling, so you can “mix & match” online, classroom, and correspondence courses.  However, the hours allotted to each subject usually don’t match up from one format to another, so you may need a little guidance in selecting the right combination of classes.  Drop us a line we’re happy to help you design the training that best fits your circumstances. These are some options from which you can mix and match:

  1. Our 100 hr live-classroom certification course, or any number of weekend workshops included within that course .
  2. Our 104-hour Online Acupuncture Certification Course, or any number of lessons included within that course.
  3. Our 50-hour Chinese Medical Theory 101 Chinese Medical Theory 101 correspondence course.
  4. Our 12-hour, live Ventresca Method intensives. We highly recommend this hands-on course as a complement for our online or correspondence course participants. They are also offered as stand-alone classes for those who want learn or review the basic techniques and tenets of clinical acupuncture in the shortest time possible.

We know it can be a challenge to put together a combined program on your own.  We’re always glad to help design custom programs, combining online classes and live seminars, so you can more easily fit your acupuncture or dry needling education into your life and schedule, while still getting high quality training.  If you’d like some guidance, just drop us a line.  We’ll be glad to help you come up with a plan that fits your needs and results in a solid clinical education.

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